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Vitamin C+Kollagen, Schimtch

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Product Description:




5 x 5ml of Vitamin C + collagen


Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 1000mg


Fibrous Collagen 375mg




By I.V.(Intravenous)


1 box = 1 course continuous effect


Modes of action:


Collagen is found naturally in human skin layer for scaffolding our skin structures. It provides support, and gives the young firm/smooth skin. When we are aged we loose the ability to produce more collagen and hence lost of elasticity, appearance of wrinkles/fine lines occurred. The benefits we derived from injectable collagen is:


1)             To smooth out wrinkles and fine lines around the area of eyes, face, chin and body skin

2)             To increase the volume of lips

3)             To elevate scars and depression

4)             To prevent sagging breast and buttock


How Collagen is injected:


It is injected through a small needle just underneath the skin or by intravenously (I.V.) If redness develops it will diminish in a few hours. Patient can continue their normal activities daily.


How Long does Collagen Last?


Initial injected of collagen will last for four-six months. The collagen will be gradually absorbed into the body and metabolized. Continuous treatment of collagen injections within interval can make the collagen last longer.


Why Vitamin C added?


Collagen is the most ubiquitous substance ad found mostly abundance of fibers in connective tissues of human skin. Connective tissues that is giving us the support, firmer, smoother and suppler skin. Also, collagen does support our organs, building of tendons, bones, ligaments, etc.


When collagen is produced, there is a complex series of events that involving the vitamin C. It helps to form the precursor molecule called procollagen, and later to be packaged/modified into collagen. Without vitamin C/ascorbic acid, the production of collagen will be disrupted. That is why vitamin C is added along with collagen injections.


Any side effect of collagen injections?


The side effect of collagen is those who suffer from allergic after taking the injection. The allergic may appear as red, tender bumps and cause ulcering. This phenomenon will last only for few months. Over 100 patients, 2 will experience the side effect of collagen. The product has using a suitable amount of collagen to minimize side effects.




The injections of vitamin C + collagen can be introduced one ampoule every three (3) days.