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Human Cell Regenerative Histosolution

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10 x 1ml Placenta + 0.5ml carbohydrate




Sterilized human placenta




Schimtch from Germany




High technology has discovered a new formula to allow both men and women to look 5 years younger. This formula is able to regenerate the human cell and enhance the elasticity of the skin. This formula can be used both for face and body.




This injection is prepared by means of scientific method extracted from human placenta. The sterilization process assures it does not contain bad tissue contaminants or virus such as inherited diseases and HIV. There are 1 ml of placenta tissue and 0.5 ml of carbohydrate in each vial. This is the purest product extracted from human placenta which can be found in modern medicine.




Can be treated in:


1)              General diseases of the eye

2)              Gynaecological diseases

3)              Skin diseases

4)              Chronic internal diseases such as keratitis, dyspeptic ulcer, bronchial asthma, chronic hepatitis, acquired deafness, elephantiasis

5)              Retardation of aging process

6)              For men: able to regenerate hormone and raise metabolism rate to resist cancer

7)              For women: able to prolong the period of menstruation before menopause




S.C. (subcutaneous)/underneath skin layer or I.M. (intramuscular) every other day.


1st phase (10 injection)


To administer one to two vials every two days with an interval of a week before the next phase.


2nd phase (10 injection)


To administer as per Phase 1 and can be injected directly to each individual part such as face, hand or other particular part which need to be reformed.


3rd phase (10 injection)


Recommended to administer by way of I.V. (intravenous) injection as per Phase 1 to enable the formula to help the regeneration of red blood cells for the whole year


Side effect:


It is very safe to use and no side effects have been reported




To be kept in dark and dry place at room temperature. For extended storage, it is suggested to be kept in places with temperature under 26oC.




Not recommended for women during menstruation period