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Placenta Wied
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Product Description:


Regenerating therapeutic agent for intramuscular injection


Packs of 10 ampoules of 1.5 ml each




One 1.5-mL ampoule contains: Bovine (Cow) placental organ hydrolyzed




Peripheral circulatory disorders, loss of vitality and energy, general exhaustion and weakness, climacteric symptoms in men and women, premature aging of the skin.




Serious infections, inflammations, severe cardiac insufficiency, recent heart attack, high-grade allergies.




In rare cases, allergic reactions that subside after the dosage is reduced or treatment discontinued.


Dosage and method of administration:


The dosage is usually set on a case-by-case basis according to the clinical picture and the patient's general condition.


If not otherwise prescribed, the recommended standard dose is: 10-12 deep intramuscular injections (of one 1.5-mL ampoule each), 2-6 days apart. In sensitive patients, a starting dose of 0.5 ml may be given and gradually increased to the full dosage.




Placenta-Wied can positively influence degenerative clinical pictures because it can eliminate protein metabolism problems and promote cell regeneration.


Placenta-Wied supports the cellular and human immune response and can thus work against weakening of the immune system. It stimulates regenerative processes. This agent’s high therapeutic effectiveness and good tolerability make it a good choice for postoperative therapy after major surgery, for accelerating convalescence, and for treating exhaustion of various origins.


Placenta-Wied is especially suitable for treating the geriatric symptom complex as increased cell and enzyme activity will guarantee better oxygen uptake and increased energy. In addition to age and exhaustion-related diseases, climacteric symptoms are particularly important indications.